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Helping Hands Child Care #2, LLC

What Kind of Company is Helping Hands Child Care #2, LLC?
Helping Hands Child Care #2, LLC is a Family Run Facility Based Program located off Route 9 in Kearneysville, WV.
What is a Facility Based Program?
 Our Facility Based Program is located in a commercial property specificially designed for Child Care in Kearneysville, WV. We are conveniently located adjacent to Route 9.
How can I be sure of my child's safety in your program?
Your child's safety is very important to us. We are licensed with the WV Department of Health and Human Services, privately insured, and CPR certified. 
What does it mean to be licensed with the State of West Virginia?
We are licensed with the State of West Virginia through DHHR (Department of Health and Human Resources). This State Agency oversees the activities of all registered and licensed Child Care Programs. This oversight includes on-site visits, annual reporting requirements, background checks of the child care provider, background checks of all support personnel, Review of CPR Certifications, Online Provider Classes, and other safety issues as they arise. This oversight is very important to the safety, and security of children in child care programs, and we fully comply with any and all regulations issued by this agency. This is a huge step in providing your child with a safe environment.
If I use your services, can I itemize my child care expenses on my taxes? 
We provide our customers with our Federal Tax ID Number, so you can report your child care expenses on your tax return. We are not accountants nor tax professionals, so we encourage you to check with your tax professional to see if you quality for a child care tax deduction.
 What are your Hours?
We are open Monday through Friday from 6:30am until 6pm.
Do you offer Part Time Support?
We do offer part time support, however, we require a minimum of four days per week.
I see that you have all the proper Business Licenses, and that you are licensed with WV DHHR, but do you have additional Insurance for your Business?
Yes, we have private business insurance.

Do you accept Mountain Heart or are you strictly Private Pay?
We are not enrolled in the Mountain Heart Program, so thus we do not accept Mountain Heart. We are strictly a private pay program. 

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